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Helping you to find plaintiffs for your class actions in Russia and the CIS

Over the last decade, major global law firms and litigation funders have noticed a significant increase in class action lawsuits, with a constantly growing number of international class actions. While the influx of lawsuits to well-developed jurisdictions has accounted for much of the growth in the past, the development of the global economy and the competition between legal systems have recently increased the pace at which regulations are imported by less developed jurisdictions.

Russia is no exception to these processes and, although the number of class claims considered in national courts remains low, a steady trend to change the situation is evident, both on the part of the legal regulation (in 2019 significant changes in the procedural law concerning class actions were introduced), lawyers, and potential applicants. Clearly, Russia still has a long way to go in this direction.

Meanwhile, the involvement of Russian consumers and businesses in the global economy means that there is already a demand for protection of their interests not only in the country of residence but also beyond its borders. Today, it is impossible to isolate any major dispute involving multinational corporations selling their products around the world within national borders. Recent major consumer protection class actions have clearly demonstrated this.

In addition to the interest on the part of potential plaintiffs (the individuals who initiate the lawsuits) in protecting their rights, the lawyers who fund the parties are usually interested in expanding the circle of individuals in the class action. A peculiarity of cross-border lawsuits is usually the need to express the will to join the lawsuit by persons who do not reside in the country where the dispute is pending.

Finding and engaging such persons in other jurisdictions is time-consuming work requiring significant expenditures of time and other resources if done independently. Today’s technology allows for nearly instantaneous sharing of information, relevant searches, and, most importantly, the blurring of boundaries between people.

When you set out to bring plaintiffs for a class action lawsuit from another country, you can now count on the victims of your defendant from Russia. Established in 2021, the digital platform «Around the World» administers class action lawsuits in Russia and the CIS.

The service for Russian and CIS participants currently offers:

Counseling on a potential class action

  • Searching for class members
  • Interaction between participants and counsel
  • Organization of document flow
  • Settlement of distributions received from the defendant

Thanks to the opening of an international communications office in Vienna, whose primary function is to handle class actions initiated outside of Russia, any interested party can now use our service to find potential plaintiffs in Russia.

We will
  • Conduct a qualitative analysis of possible situations in which plaintiffs for your lawsuit may be located in Russia
  • Carry out necessary actions aimed at identification of plaintiffs in the information space of Russia
  • Communicate on your behalf and explain the merits of the claim
  • Assist you in obtaining the necessary documents and information from Russian residents

All you have to do is call or write to our office in Vienna, Austria:

email help@vmvs.ru.

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Сохранение уникальной территории Бештаугорского заказника от застройки элитными дачами и опасным производством
530 человек
Суд поддержал экозащитников, запретив изменения границ заказника.


Власти Ставропольского края несколько раз хотели сократить земли крупнейшего эколого-курортного региона России, Бештаугорского заказника, забрав часть под застройку территории. Адвокат, который занимается вопросами территории заказника, давно заметил нарушения закона со стороны власти, но не решался в одиночку судиться с правительством края.


С 2009 по 2019 годы было несколько попыток построить элитные дачи, завод по переработке нитроцеллюлозы с хранилищем урана, SPA-санаторий для китайских сотрудников, и вело-пешеходную трассу с коммерческими объектами. Все это грозило одному из старейших курортов России масштабной экологической катастрофой, изменением климата всего Северо-Кавказского региона, уничтожением краснокнижных животных и растений, а главное - загрязнением и значительным уменьшением объема минеральных вод, ради которых сюда приезжают со всей России и Европы.


Активисты объединились для подачи коллективного иска. Более 530 истцов выступили против решения властей. Дело получило большой общественный резонанс. Суд поддержал экозащитников, запретив изменения границ заказника. А следственный комитет по Ставропольскому краю начал проверку законности проекта Кавминводской вело-пешеходной трассы.